The Story

Palermo Hollywood is the name of a neighbourhood in Buenos Aires. Even though Palermo is in Italy. And Hollywood in California. But now it is the name of our boutique/studio/webshop here at Nørrebro, Copenhagen as well.

Palermo Hollywood – because honestly, we wanted something totally different and more happy than the very dominating New Nordic minimalism around. And because we believe it is time to open our eyes to the world. To colours and diversity. To great stories, golden glamour and happy days. Obviously life isn't just a joyride. But at Palermo Hollywood we aim to send you out the door asking WHY NOT?

Palermo Hollywood is a modern mash-up, where art and pop culture, sensuality and seriousness, fun and quality go hand in hand. Life is complicated and so are people, let's mix it up - women can be into football, rock music and shiny party confetti all at the same time. Men can be the same. And sometimes – they can even wear the same t-shirts and read the same books.

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We carefully select the different products we stock in the shop - and we love all of them. Some of the products are made right here by us - greeting cards with our favourite quotes and glittery Christmas- and party decorations. Other products are selected from our friendly, local neighbourhood and from the rest of the world.

The important thing for us is, that the Palermo Hollywood products reflect our taste (and maybe yours?). Our magic keywords are: curiosity, bright colours, sparkling gold, tropicana, humour, Copenhagen, travelling, exploration and contemplation.

Palermo Hollywood is so much us – and hopefully you, too.

Love and cheers,
Anja & Cathrine